Silver Fox
Silver Fox
Oakdale, Tennessee
Oakdale, Tennessee 

Located in East Tennessee, we are a rabbit breeder helping to sustain the Heritgage American Chinchilla rabbit and Silver Fox rabbit. 

Silver Fox

The Silver Fox is a heritage breed rabbit listed as threatened by The Livestock Conservancy.  This all around excellent rabbit has beautiful dense fur - in either black, silver or chocolate - tipped in silver. 



American Chinchilla

The American Chinchilla is a heritage breed rabbit listed as critically endangered by The Livestock Conservancy.  Our pedigreed AmChin bunnies are gentle and fast growers, making them a great choice for pets or show rabbits.  Average adult size is 9-12lbs.



New Zealand

We have a group of breeding New Zealands being raised for meat rabbits.  Of all the rabbit personalities we have here at RidgeLine, these guys are hands down the most friendly and engaging.  They love to have their cheecks rubbed, and devour any treat they can get their lips around.  Please contact us directly if you are looking to purchase NZ kits, as we do not keep availability updated.




Proud member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.



Proud member of The Livestock Conservancy specializing in the preservation of Heritage breed livestock.




Proud member of the National Silver Fox Rabbit Club.




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